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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our FAQ answered below:

The prices will vary between size, color, and material. Our meticulously crafted LED neon signs effortlessly blend affordability with a resolute commitment to maintaining a commanding edge in pricing competitiveness. Beyond the allure of our attractive prices, our adept and highly-skilled team stands poised to offer an unparalleled level of customer assistance that goes far beyond mere transactional engagement. Our guiding principle is to seamlessly escort you through every facet of your journey, from the nascent stages of design conceptualization to the triumphant moment of delivery, and extending even further to encompass a comprehensive aftercare support system that ensures your complete satisfaction.

Our standard turnaround time spans a duration of 3-4 weeks, a window meticulously devised to uphold our hallmark of quality and craftsmanship. Recognizing the occasional need for swifter delivery, we proudly present an expedited manufacturing and shipping alternative, available for a supplementary fee. This expedited service guarantees the arrival of your sign within an expedited timeframe of approximately 1-2 weeks, ensuring a seamless fusion of timeliness and our unwavering commitment to superior standards.

No problem at all! If you can’t quite create the custom neon sign you really want on our online neon builder, simply send us an email or upload your inspiration/idea or logo to our custom Neon contact form.

Our design team can work with you to replicate your design, mix fonts, Neon colors and sizing. All while offering a quote and free Neon mock-up.

We absolutely can turn your inspiration or logo into a Neon sign. All we need to see is the design. Simply fill out our online contact form here, upload your idea/logo and we can get started on your business/ custom Neon sign.

Check out some of our Neon designs here for some inspiration.

We have dozens of different colors of LED and we are happy to offer a free design service to our customers, providing one or more designs for your approval, at no extra charge. If you have a change of mind and wish to amend or cancel your order before the sign goes into production we will happily offer a partial or full refund. Once a custom sign order is approved and has gone into production we are no longer able to offer a refund.

We can make signs to any size. Please note that if your custom order is for a sign larger than 7ft 8in by 3ft 11in it will be made on two or more backboards that can be easily arranged together. Doing this keeps the signs safer during shipping and allows us to deliver the best possible price for you.

Most of our signs weigh between 4-18lbs. This is all due to the amount of acrylic used for the backing. Larger signs may weigh more than 18lbs. Always weigh your signs before installing so you can make sure you have the correct weight baring method to hang.

Yes, it is fine to keep your neon sign turned on for extended periods of time. LED lights are used for their efficiency and long-life span (Did you know our LEDs last 50,000+ hours!)

However, as a safety precaution, we do recommend turning the neon signs off at the wall when no one is present or overnight.

All of our signs come with a free remote & dimmer as well as a power pack and a wall hanging kit.

If something doesn't seem right with your neon sign, please feel free to contact us via email or phone and our team will do their best to guide you through any solutions and images or videos we need.Please do not dispose of the packaging in case any fault has occurred during transit as we may need this to file a claim with the courier.

Often it may be as simple as missing a step in the setup process and we can fix that remotely with you!

If we cannot provide a solution remotely and your sign requires repairing by our team, then we will arrange a return label for your sign so it can be brought back to our warehouse to be looked. Alternatively, we will remake and re-ship the sign if we cannot make the repair.

The majority of our neon signs and wall art, plug into a regular power socket on the wall, using a standard 12v transformer.

For smaller signs we can offer battery pack options that will allow your sign to run on double a batteries, however this is not something we offer as standard as they do not last for long periods of time given the size of most of our signs. This will also need to be purchased by the customer for an additional fee.

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